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Living with Fibromyalgia:

A personal blog of how I am becoming a better person while fighting an invisible illness.

Please follow me on my journey to compassion, self -acceptance and self-love

Sorry for being M.I.A

Hello Spoonies, I’m so sorry for being MIA the last few months. I have been struggling to keep everything a float and a lot of my goals have been dropped due to the craziness of today’s lifestyle with Covid-19 it really has taken a toll on my physically and emotionally. So here is to catchingContinue reading “Sorry for being M.I.A”

Back to Class

Hello Spoonies, As many of you know Covid-19 had stopped the world in it’s in track. We have slowly and cautiously moved into phase three which is the reopening of businesses. I have now started back to school for my shop classes. That means I am no longer at home with the kiddos and theContinue reading “Back to Class”

Semester 2

Hello spoonies, I hope you have all been coping as well as you can during these crazy times. My second semester started on May 25th and it has been quiet the busy time , juggling a household and as well as my kids school work. It’s been really busy. I am very proud of whatContinue reading “Semester 2”

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