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Living with Fibromyalgia:

A personal blog of how I am becoming a better person while fighting an invisible illness.

Please follow me on my journey to compassion, self -acceptance and self-love

Back to Class

Hello Spoonies, As many of you know Covid-19 had stopped the world in it’s in track. We have slowly and cautiously moved into phase three which is the reopening of businesses. I have now started back to school for my shop classes. That means I am no longer at home with the kiddos and theContinue reading “Back to Class”

Semester 2

Hello spoonies, I hope you have all been coping as well as you can during these crazy times. My second semester started on May 25th and it has been quiet the busy time , juggling a household and as well as my kids school work. It’s been really busy. I am very proud of whatContinue reading “Semester 2”

Chronic Fatigue

Hello Spoonies, Today, I wanted to talk about chronic fatigue. What is chronic fatigue? Ever had what you thought was a great night sleep but have woken up still feeling exhausted or worse? Yes. Now, imagine feeling like that day after. Imagine having to decided if you should shower standing up, sitting down or atContinue reading “Chronic Fatigue”

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