Why Where’s my Spoons?

Blogging is a conversation, not a code.

ā€” Mike Butcher

I love this quote. I’ve read many blogs and they do seem to have a conversation aspect about them don’t they?

I don’t know if this blog will be successful. Honestly I’ll be happy if just one person reads it. I’ve tried blogging before with no success to be honest because I let it fall to side. I had a busy life and didn’t know how to juggle it all. Hopefully, the years that have separated these blogs will have helped me better sustain this one.

I am hoping to start this blog to inspire others with invisible diseases ( and not so invisible). I don’t know what will make my blog different then others or if I’ll fall into a certain niche. I do hope that this blog gives someone hope, or the strength to try something new.

I picked the name Where’s my Spoons? because many of us in the community that are suffering diseases often come with a constant delicate balance. The balance of how far we want to push and how long our bodies can function before we fall apart and pain , exhaustion or some other symptoms of our diseases become unbearable. A delicate balance between having a great day and a day stuck in bed because we just did too much.

The spoon theory came from a woman named Christine Miserandino. You can find out about how her theory came about on butyoudontlooksick.com.

My summary of it:

Each day we are given a certain amount of spoon and any task or activity you have to do takes a spoon or two or three away. You start your day with a certain amount, getting out of bed, making every ones lunches and supper, showering, going to the store, all these things takes spoons away from you. As your day goes you look at your spoons, they are running low and you have a lot more things to do then the spoons allow.

When you are healthy you have an unlimited supply of spoons you can do anything, but when you’re sick you need to count your spoons and plan what you are going to do or else you won’t have enough spoons to get you through your day.

This can cause a lot of grief. It means cancelling plans with friends, not exercising, not playing your kids or cooking supper. There’s many side effects to not counting spoons and the ones listed above are just a few.

The title of my blog is inspired by the spoon theory, not only because I have had to learn it for my own personal reasons, but because it is one that many in the sick community know. It is recognisable by spoonies everywhere. It is to remind me that I need to keep count of my spoons and to not let them run out.

In this blog I am going to share what my life is like with my three invisible illnesses. I’ll share about what they are, what the symptoms can be, how we can better manage them and how to over come letting our diseases take over our life.

I am still a newbie despite trying to blog before, but I am hoping that you will have patience to let me learn my way around this blogging thing and follow my story.

Until next time spoonies.

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