Hot and cold and everything in between

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Hello spoonies,

I want to talk about body temperature. If you’re anything like me, temperature changes outside can cause a ton havock, but with me it’s not just temperature outside it’s my body itself that is defective. I have been asked countless times if I have menopause, the answer is no, I have gotten my hormones and everything else in between checked. I get hotflashes on the coldest days of winters and the hottest days of summer I am sometimes stuck wearing sweaters and wool socks because I am freezing. Today I will talk about the things that can be affected by this and how to manage.

People with chronic illnesses are often prone to be more sensitive to temperature change. It causes a slue of problems and sometimes it’s hard, especially if you’re not well equipped to do so.

I am not going to write about all the reasonings this can happen as I haven’t done a ton of research on it but I will post links for you to read up more on the subject at the bottom of the blog. This blog post is more on what you can do to help cope with the change of body temperature and not why or how it caused. Although I will note this is about both changes to external factors ( weather) and internal factors ( your body)

How to cope with heat

I consider heat the one the hardest to deal with, you can only take off so much clothes. Here are a few things that can help.

  • Wear cool, light colored, loose, moisture wicking clothes. This will help you stay cool and dry and help to not make you feel like a soggy rag.
  • Wear layers; If you live in an area like mine, weather can be freezing in the mornings and hot in the afternoons, wearing layers will provide you with the ability to adapt to the temperature changes easier as you can remove layers. Make sure you put the warmer layers on top for easy removal as the temperature rises.
  • Drink room temperature or hot drinks. This one sounds counter intuitive , but when you drink warmer fluids your body will work harder to bring your core temperature down which will help cool you off. Drinking cold water will force your body to warm up your core temperature making you hot, although drinking cold water does feel good at the time.
  • Take a cool shower but finish it with a shot of warm water. Taking a cool shower if you can will help you cool down, but make sure you finish with a shot of warm water like that your body will feel cooler upon exiting the shower.
  • Use a cooling towel. These towels come in different shapes, colors and variety. The one I enjoy using that also recently came out with a halo towel ( one to go around the head) is KOLDTEC towel.
  • Keep your home cool but not too cool. Another maybe confusing one. If you’re planning on staying home please crank the A/C to full blast. However, if you are planning on leaving the house just cool your house to a few degress cooler then outside. The change in temperature will affect you still but a lot less then if your sitting in a house much, much colder then outside.

How to cope with cold

  • Wear layers, meaning a variety of shirts, undergarments, socks and slippers, cardigans and sweaters. Just remember if you are prone to having hot flashes put the heavier layers on top for easy removal.
  • Have a hot water bottle ( do not put boiling water in these, they can cause serious injuries if the bottle breaks).
  • Have a heating blanket or pads ( buy the ones that automatically turn off, these can be a fire hazard if left on all or night or can cause serious bodily injury as well)
  • Keep a blanket around. You can put a small blanket in your purse or “flare up kit” to keep on hand.
  • Keep your environment warm.
  • Drink warm liquids, soups, yes this trick I use for hot and cold spells.

What if you have both?

I tend to have both at the same time. My head can be burning hot and the rest of me be freezing. The only thing I can suggest for this is to use tricks out of both the columns above based on where you are and what part of you is dealing with heat or coldness.

Remember that no matter if you are hot or cold to please stay well hydrated and well nourished throughout the day.

I know this is a short article but I hope that it will help you cope with some of the temperature sensitivities you may have.

Goodnight on my part spoonies

Links you can read for a better understanding of the reasons:
Me with my Koldtec towel in minus 21 degree weather having hot flashes.

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