Random Life stuff 2

Hello Spoonies,

I know I should have actual titles for these little catch up blurbs but I really can’t think of any. This week, since my last random life stuff a few things are happening.

As of today I only have 9 more days of work before I am officially done working. I will be spending the next bit spending all the time I can get with the kids and getting ready to go to college. Meaning packing up the last of my things and sending the last bit of paper work to my future work place. Having a job lined up for me when I moved was really important. I am happy that I was lucky to find one a few months before I could even start. It has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders.

I am completely and officially enrolled in school now. I have my schedule now yay and I’m surprised that it isn’t as heavy of a course load as I’ve expected. My classes average 2 hours a day, which is weird on that part but it have theory and then applied in most classes hence the average two hour classes. I have 8 classes in total and I am so excited to start. I have to catch up on a lot of my reading materials to catch up on the materials so I can know as much as I can before starting.

Band area.

The Christmas party for my hubby’s work was fun. Needles to say I we were home at 9 because I had too much fun. The decorations were very nice this year and every one was dressed nicely. I wore a leopard dress that I wrote about in my last random life post. I really liked the way it looked. I couldn’t decide if I should wear a long boot or an ankle so yes, I made a poll. Long boots won, they were comfortable and didn’t hurt my feet and had had a small heel height.

Picture I took of the shoe poll. Wasn’t fully ready for the party.

This week has been good in ways I couldn’t imagine. Can we say thank god for warranties. My youngest broke his glasses, they are under warranty so we get a new pair for free. The CV shaft on our truck broke , Warranty covers it. Had an issue with our bath cartridge ( what helps regulate the water temp) that was just free no warranties needed.

Boys playing in the snow during the on going snowfall we had.

We’ve had a lot of snow fall. We shovelled the drive way 3 times to not have too much of it pile up and make it more difficult. I slipped in a parking lot and hurt my lower back. I still went to the gym I just couldn’t do all my usual exercises that I normally do. Sorry deadlift my favorite. I got some cardio done and oh boy I seriously need to add more of that. I also need to add more yoga or at least stretching into my routine. Last week active recovery with yoga reminded me of how stiff I can get.

Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects kids will love. By: Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle

My oldest Christmas gifts that I ordered came in. I just now have to wrap them. He got a sewing book and two sewing kits ( an owl and some monster kit to sew). He’s really into crafty hobbies and I’m glad for it. His sewing book has a few pictures of boys in it which I find great. <y only qualm about it is that I wish it showed how to sew shorts instead of skirts so he could sew himself his clothes. My youngest is saving money for a game system. Although I am not as fond of a game system as it doesn’t bring in as much life skills ( yes it works hand eye coordination and other things) but it has no other real application that I know of yet. That said though it is a great lesson in how to manage money.

My next Sunday post is about how to do SMART goal setting. I am also hoping to post about what I have for my flare-ups. Those will be within the next few weeks.

As I am sitting here working on this post my hubby is talking away about his workout. His feeling about every exercise and his worries. I love sitting here listening to him talk. Sometimes it drives me crazy. He can talk for hours about everything and anything.. It’s one of the things that drive me crazy and frustrates me sometimes, but it is also one of the things I love the most about him. I am going to miss all the conversations we have about random things. I’m going to miss the hustle and bustle of being busy with him and the kids. Never knowing when someone is going to pop out with a big BOO around the corner. The laughter, the tears just everything. Even all the things that frustrating I will miss. As the days inch closer to me leaving I am seeing all the lovely things that I am going to miss. It’s not that I am not grateful for everything I have in a daily basis. I know I am lucky to have 3 loving men in my life. It’s just that I find myself paying attention to all the smaller things we tend to miss when we get into a routine.

Anyways spoonies I am going to let you go. I have people to cuddle and love that need me.


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