2020 Goals

Hello Spoonies,

I normally set my goals for September. I find with the boys it’s the easiest time for me to get into a new routine. The kids are going back to school and are no longer on a summer schedule. This year however, I am having a huge change in my life that will force me into a new schedule. I am starting college in the trades, I will be taking classes in the Industrial Millwright course at Cambrian college.

September 2018 was the year that I started really focusing on myself as an individual. As mothers we often put the needs of our children and spouses ahead of our own. I had a hard time putting myself first but it was needed. I had brought a lot of toxicity in my life from my past and it was time for me to heal. It was time for me to remember what my identity was. Who was I as a person? Who was I outside of my relationship? Who was I when I wasn’t being the mom?

2018 started my journey to healing myself emotionally and physically. It was a journey that strengthened myself as a person which also helped me become a better partner and mother. My partner and I bought a house in December of that year and we’ve been living in it happily ever since. I started counselling and changed jobs. I did all these things to be a better person. Counselling helped me get in touch behind the reason of all my hurt and anger and has helped me greatly become a calmer version of myself.

2019 brought even more changes. I won full custody of two of my children. I know this sounds weird but that was part of my healing as well. My kids had a hard time adapting, the relationship between my ex and I wasn’t improving ( God only knows I wish I could have that, look were separated but we still hangout together kinda of break up). Without going into detail lets just say it wasn’t a good place for anyone to be. Since the boys have been here their schooling and behaviours have improved and they still get time to spend with their dad. I made the difficult decision to go back to school, I started going to the gym regularly and taking care of my eating ( I still fall off the wagon but I get back on it much faster then I used too. I am still continuing to take care of myself in various other ways such as : infra-red saunas, avoiding gluten, learning when to step back from the gym when I am feeling unwell, drinking a tons more water a day etc…

My Goals for 2020

Maintain a minimum 75% average in my grades. To do this I will have to study at least 1 hour a day minimum on my work. I will ask as many questions as I can. I will listen and learn. I will take good and proper notes with all my tools ( binders and pens, post it notes, laptop). I will review these notes when possible.

I will be employed and continue to maintain paying my bills on time. I will review my budget monthly and give as many hours to my employer as I can. I will work responsibly and do my best. I will take note of the exact date my bills are due so I can manage my money safely and without worry. Most of my payments are done automatically right now based on when I get paid now, so I will have to check the dates. I will also try saving some money for my next semester of school.

I will continue to have a healthy lifestyle. I will go to the gym at the school either before, in between or after classes depending on when my course start for at least an hour. I will learn how to meal prep better then I do now. I will research and put up a better meal plan once I am fully educated on how to do this. I will try and do research 30 minutes a night so I know what will work once I get to my residence for the 1.5 years. I am hoping these will build me a good foundation for when I come back home to the boys. I am hoping to know how to do this by December 30 2019 so I can implement it by January 2020.

I want to read more. I want to read at least one book a month. I will do this by reading in my spare time once I’ve done the important things 9 studying and exercising). I want to read at least 30 pages a day if possible ( I tend to fall asleep reading).

I am sure I will have more goals throughout the years and that the goals I have now will develop in bigger better dreams and goals later on. I know they are currently vague on some points but I will be refining them probably in my journal until I have a full game plan. It is hard for me to be super specific when I have no clue what this new journey will be throwing at me.

Here is to another great year ahead.

keep finding your spoons.

The hubby and I sticking to our resolution we made of Mai 2019 this year of hitting of the gym. We don’t always get to go to the gym at the same time but when we do it’s always fun.

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