Allodynia- Skin sensitivity

Hello Spoonies,

As I lay in bed I can feel the pressure on my skin. Every fleck of floating dust particles in the room that you see dancing in the sunlight. They touch my skin and make it burn. I feel like a heavy blanket has been laid over me covered in thousands of mites biting at my skin.

I don’t cover myself, yet I am cold and sore. I tried pulling the blankets over me but that hurt more. My hair itself hurts, how does a piece of my body that has no nerve ending hurt it doesn’t make sense. I can’t tie it up because it causes a migraine, I can’t leave it down because it hurts the skin.

I try to step out onto the floor, what is going on? Did someone put a ant hill on my floor? Did my kids spill Lego’s? My feet hurt. I want to put on a pair of thick socks but again the searing pain of my skin stops me in my tracks. Why do I hurt? Why does every inch of skin feel like it has gone through the ringer? Sometimes it’s as simple as I have a cold and other days there is no reason. Maybe I ate a piece of fruit too many, did I exercise to intensely? Sometimes there’s just no answer.

This is how I experience my Allodynia.

Allodynia is pain caused by stimuli that wouldn’t normally cause pain. Wearing a shirt, light touch, brushing your hair. Some people can experience it much more then others. It is common with people who suffer from : Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, neuropathy or post herpetic neuralgia ( caused by shingles). Allodynia is not an illness but a symptom.

There is 3 types of causes ( something I just learned):

Tactile Allodynia: This is caused from things directly touching your skin such as: skin to skin contact ( even a hug) ,a bra strap. This is when things are touching you but are not necessarily moving.

Mechanical Allodynia: This Is when pain is caused by something moving. The air being moved by a fan or someone walking by, slipping on a sock, bedsheets being pulled up.

Thermal Allodynia: This is pain caused by change in temperature. Hands burning when they are cold.

How to prevent Allodynia?

To help prevent or alleviate Allodynia you will have to figure out what can trigger your symptoms.

If you have thermal Allodynia you might be more sensitive to hot or cold. This would mean that you have to wear clothes appropriate to the weather or heat conditions in your area.

If you have tactile Allodynia wearing light or soft clothing might help. Keep hugging to a minimal and put boundaries. I often tell people when they can’t hug me or if they can to not hug me too hard.

Mechanical Allodynia might be a bit harder to have a handle on because you can’t control everything around you. You are capable of turning off a fan, there’s sheet “clips” that can stop your sheets from sliding off of your bed, keeping a distance from people when walking.

Sometimes a lifestyle change is needed. Food and exercise might need to be modified or completely changed to prevent flare-ups that can lead to Allodynia.

I hope this little article helps. I have linked to a few of the sites that I read up on. I read a lot of them to make sure I gave you the most details about Allodynia but still keeping it fairly simple. Some of the sites below go more into details on some aspects that I have. Feel free to read them too/

Until next time,

Keep finding your spoons.


Some references:

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