Goodbye 2019

Hello Spoonies,

As another year comes to end we start taking a look back at it. We reminisce about the good and the bad. We think about what we could’ve, should’ve done. Some of us think it was the best year yet and some of us think it’s the worst. I personally try to look at all my years as good with learning experiences along the way.

Boys playing Nintendo switch together. Listening to them laugh together was so great.

2019 was a very productive year for me and I am planning on keeping this momentum in 2020. Yes, I will repeat this again I get to go to college, I am working on a blog and on my own physical and mental fitness journey. I have let go of a lot of negativity and trauma in 2019 and will continue to do so in 2020. I’ve had my fair share of downs and frustration of course. My life isn’t perfect but it is a journey that I am happy to continue to be on.

I don’t know what it is about the New Year. I feel refreshed and invigorated. It gives me energy to keep moving forward and a pushes me to just want more, thrive more, be more. I set my goals in September but this year a lot of my goals I can’t start because they are school related. I still have my health goals. I can’t hit the gym like I want too because of the odd holiday hours but I can do my things at home thanks to buying power blocks this year. I also have resistance bands, yoga mats. I made sure that my journey to healthier me this year would be much more successful and it has worked. Although I haven’t really lost any weight I have had more muscle definition in my legs, arms and back, I have more energy, I am in a better shape then I have been in a long time and I don’t plan on stopping.

The beautiful site we got to enjoy on the way down to Sudbury. As beautiful as this was it reminded me that I would miss everyone.

2019 was a good year, but not because it was owed to me or because I depended on someone else to make me happy. It was a good year because I put the work in. I went to the gym, I am working on not binge eating, I took care of my mental health. Is that to say I didn’t get help or support NO, I absolutely did. I had a wonderful hubby who helped keep me accountable, because honestly we can’t rely on motivation alone to get us through things. I have wonderful kids, that with a change in environment and the right to become more and more independent have been striving.

I am looking forward to 2020. It will absolutely be a great and hard year to come. I will have may hardships, tears frustrations but I also know if I put the work in and continue to work on myself I will also have a lot of success, laughter and happiness, and that is all I am looking forward too.

I think we the adults had more fin then the kids at Nivi Park. These little balls you sit in and someone spins you.

I want all of you to focus on the great things in life and around you. I don’t care if your year was hard, look at the positive, look at the progress. Make plans to have an awesome 2020 but remember you have to put the work in, no one else can. You have to make yourself happy.

I hope that 2020 will bring you more love, healing and all the spoons you need to make it a great one.

More fun at Nivi Park

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