Luna Pads, Diva Cup and Period underwear Review

Hello spoonies,

On my journey to a healthier life style I have adopted a less waste life style. I am saying less waste because the zero waste movement is too stressful for me. In doing this I decided that I would try to use reusable products where I could. I had tried a cheap version of the Diva cup that I bought on amazon and loved it. My cup was on it’s way out and while searching for a new one I discovered they have a whole line of waste free period products.

I can’t wear tampons because I get yeast infections and pads well they give me diaper rash ( I’ve tried so many brands). I found that I also can’t always wear a cup for all my periods because sometimes when I flare-up my innards hurt. So, luna pads and period underwear here I go.

I decided to go with the diva cup and the Luna brand for two reasons. 1) They are a better well known brand 2) The price is pretty decent when you consider it is in Canadian dollars and you get free shipping. The other brands I found the shipping price was ridiculous or they didn’t ship to Canada.

I bought a lot of products all at once I’m not going to lie it was expensive but I bought 8 pairs of underwear( all underwear come with a liner each), 1 heavy black flow kit (6 different size pads) , a cup kit with pantyliners ( 1 reusable cup with 2 pantyliners)

On to the review…

The website is nice. They have a nice little feature where you answer questions and they line you up with what would suit you best. They have a range of products, from cup sizes, panty liners, pads, underwear as well as kits if you don’t know where to start or if you know exactly where to start. It is easy to navigate, shop and pay.

When my order first came in I was actually shorted my heavy flow kit and the cup kit. I know this sounds like a horrible start but I took it as an opportunity to see how well their customer service was. Guess what! It is amazing. I tried the talk online options, talk on the phone and through e-mail. The talk online was busy so I left my concern, they messaged me within a day. I called the center, the people on the other end really seemed disappointed that I hadn’t receive my products and directed me to the proper course of action. I was to e-mail them my order number, a picture of what I received and what I was missing. I e-mailed them with everything they asked, again I got an answer within one day. The customer service is definitely an A+.

Shipping. They are fast within a few days of placing my order I got the package, within 5 days ( weekend included) I had received my missing items. Plus it was free.

Now for the products

The cup(5/5) ( cup alone is 39.99, Cup and liner kit that I bought 73.97)

I give this product high score because I absolutely love it.

Size number two is for women over 30 or that have given birth. I am in both categories. There is 2 sizes to choose from to suit you best.

All companies make cups in different length, thickness, shape and sizes. If the Diva Cup doesn’t suit you, remember that another company with a different cup might fit you and work for you better. Our vaginas are all are different so some cups might work better then others.

The Diva Cup has a wider rim at the top, a good grip at the bottom and 4 small pin holes at the top to ensure proper suction. I haven’t had any problems with leaking . I like that there is a few measuring lines to see how heavy I am bleeding, . On the lunapad website you can also get kits. I got my Diva Cup with two long panty liners. The lama print on them are quiet cute.

If you buy the cup alone it is what I find the best deal if you don’t want panty liners. It is the cheapest option. You only need one and it is easy to clean. You can buy the cleaner on the site but I just use sex toy cleaner to clean it. The reason you want to wash it with one of these solutions is because they don’t leave residue behind. I boil it for 5-10 minutes at the end of my cycle.

The measuring lines will help with the proper amount of flow you have. This can help you give better information about your periods to health practitioners.

The cons of the Diva Cup. It can take a few tries to insert it properly to where there is no leakage. I promise keep trying and you will succeed.

If you don’t like getting your hands a little bloody then it will be something to get over.

It has the possibility of pussy slapping you. What is a Diva Cup pussy slap? This is when you have inserted your cup but you have not twisted it until the cup has fully opened ( you will get a feel for this ). You will then go along your day and boom the cup fully opens up when you’re least expecting it. It isn’t really painful but it does give you a few seconds of being uncomfortable and of surprise. I find doing a few Kegel exercises normally helps get the cup in the proper position.

When you are in public bring a bottle of water with you to the bathroom so you can at least rinse out your cup while you are in there instead of having to clean it out in front of a bunch strangers.

Overall this is the best product that I found from the Diva Cup Luna Pad line. It is portable, easy to clean and holds up to 12 hours a day depending on your flow.

I bought the other products not because I just because wanted to review them, but because at times due to my illness my insides hurt and the cup becomes unusable for me.

The pads ( 3-5) ( Heavy flow kit 110$.94)

I bought the heavy flow kit. Now, these pads are different then their other kits. The other kits have a liner that you attach to your underwear with inserts to change during the day. The Heavy flow kit does not, it is strictly a pad.

What I love about these pads?

They are very soft, regular pads tend to cause me to have a form of diaper rash ( no matter how much I change them) where these don’t. I was really worried that I would feel the pad because they look quiet thick but I didn’t. These felt like a little cloud/pillow for my vagina. The snap on buttons are also a breeze but I would’ve liked to have the double row of snaps like the panty liners did.

The absorbency also surprised me, I thought I would leak through but I did not. These pads are quiet absorbent. You can pick the color you would like with these: Black, Cream scalloped and cream. I picked the black pair for the simple reason that I don’t want to have to deal with the possibly of staining later on. If you’re one that doesn’t want to have dye ( this does cause some level of pollution) or likes to see the color of your blood,the amount in the pad then I would suggest that you go with one of the other colours.

These are made well and I am sure by the way they are made they will last a long time and save a bit of coin in the long run on regular pads.

I like this kit because it allowed me to find out what sizes I prefer and what I should want to buy in the future. The kit includes 6 pads ( 2 performa mini, 3 perfoma maxi and 1 perfoma Super) I prefer the Perform Super I move a lot an I find longer pads tend to suit my lifestyle better. There is a few different sizes available on the site.

I do like that the site has a good variety of pads to pick from. I picked this one for the variety in size and the fact that they were for heavier flows.

To take care of these. Put them on, change them, rinse them and then wash and dry.

Cons: I have an issue with these staying in place. I find that when I would pull up my underwear the pads sometimes rolled under. I am not sure if this is just caused because I have old underwear ( too cheap to buy new ones) so the shape of them is now pretty non-existent. I just had to reposition them properly, it’s not a huge con but it’s still a con. I wore them to the gym and around the house. I found that as long as I had pants on the pads would not move position whoever, if I walked around in just my undies the pads would tend to fall on the underside which of course does not give you any protection.

Pads are snap buttons

I also would have to buy multiple packs of these to be able to inter-change them during the day. They do sell individuals ones as well on the site.

This would be however probably the one I would buy second for the value. The price can be off putting because yes it is a bit more expensive but you will get plenty of wear out these. I have not tried the other pads so I cannot comment on them. If you have a lighter I thing the other pads, the ones with the changeable inserts might be a better product for you.

The underwear (4/5) (40$ a pair except the boxer brief they are 42$)

These are the most expensive option of the three products I tried. They do come with one liner that you can pull out. If you buy multiple then you can use multiple of those liners in a day.

These underwear’s are however very comfortable. They are soft and the liner inside them don’t cause any issues. The underwear are made of cotton and have a permanent liner in them. They then have a removable liner that you can place and take out. I actually really enjoy these underwear. They have 4 different types and they are all comfy.

I wear these on a day to day basis at times, especially on days I know I need to go to the gym. I sometimes don’t have time to shower after ( I know gross). I wear these underwear’s with the liner and bring some biodegradable wipes. Once I am done the workout, I take out the liner, freshen up real quick with a wipe and I am on my merry way to finish the day ahead. The removable liner catches the sweat and when I pull it out my underwear underneath are dry. I also like these because they sort of work like incontinent pads. After two kids and a chronic illness it sometimes causes me to dribble. I can wear these comfortably knowing that if anything happens the bit of pee that might come out will be caught in my underwear and that I will still feel dry.

The sizing guide is accurate so use it. All the different pairs I got were different styles and they all fit. The product does shrink a little but not much. You take care of these like the pads. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Cons: The biggest thing for me with these is the price. 40$ for a pair of underwear and a liner is a bit steep. They also don’t offer extra insert to buy. I think if they had the inserts that you could buy extra so you had multiple without having to buy 8 pairs of undies that this would be a much better deal. I like to change multiple times a day. One removable insert and the one in the underwear only give two.

My final thoughts.

Overall Lunapad products are a great long term investment. Although they can cost quiet a bit up front, they will save you money. My advice, buy a little bit at time and your arsenal of reusable period products will grow. They have a wide variety of products for every need.

They do offer a promotional code for people to get your first purchase 10$ and your referral person will get 10$ towards their next purchase. I do have a the code HERE. I am hoping to be able to receive enough that I would be able to buy and donate products for a woman’s shelter.

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