Meal planning and Preparation

Hello spoonies,

This year one of my biggest goals is how to effectively do meal planning and prepping. I have decided to do some research in order to help me become better with this. I figured that starting this would be easier on me in the coming year as I will be by myself. I have tried meal planning but I sometimes find it hard with boys that a) always want the same 5 meals which gets boring and b) a hubby that loves take-out especially when I don’t want to cook because he doesn’t like to and I won’t say no.

So now I’ve done my research and I am armed with what I need to do. I will be moving to a new place. I will be missing a few containers ( although I did buy some I will need more) and other elements. Therefore January will be my get-started-time. I don’t think it will take me all of January. To be honest I think once I am where I am staying I will just go and buy a few more containers to ensure I have enough to last me the week. I will also have limited fridge space so I have to keep that into consideration.

I will have to find recipes that I love. I already have a list now I think what I am going to start doing is typing out the recipes I absolutely love. I’m also going to have to look for recipes with my meal restrictions: none/low in gluten, limited dairy. I will also enjoying more vegan and vegetarian recipes and have a limited amount of meat dishes. I do definitely want more veggies in my diet though. I like keeping my fruits for the morning.

I will have to figure out a day that will best be suited for me to make my food preparation, but that will be done once I get into a routine. The month of January might be a bit hard to figure out a specific time until I my routine is established but I am determined to make this work.

I am also planning to have food multiple times a week ,to help minimized the amount of cooking and recipes I have to make. I definitely want meals for lunch and suppers on the go as well as snacks. Between school and work, I will have a very busy schedule and I want to make enough food to keep me full all day.

I know my breakfast will be easily planned out, I’m already into a routine for my breakfast . I tend to stick to: Oatmeal, eggs, smoothies and on the rare occasion toast with a fruit.

I am hoping that lunch will consist of a salad of some sort. I am not thinking boring lettuce. I want to bring in variety in my lunches every week. Suppers well I don’t know yet what they will be.

I will also have to learn to budget very well with this routine. I have to support a household by paying utilities, my groceries as well as my children’s etc… My hubby has the grunt of the bills just in case you’re wondering.

Now go on and find those spoons

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