The temporary new life

Hello spoonies,

I just wanted to touch base with all of you’s. I know I am slowly falling behind the blog posting but I promise I am trying. I have been very busy trying to adjust to the new pace of life. I am juggling school, bus transportation , work ( or searching for work) and homework. It has been extremely exhausting.

I am enjoying the new challenges. I’ve never moved out of my hometown before. I am lucky that I get to live with my mother-in-law or else going to college would be out the question. It feels weird being away from the boys and the hubby but we try to talk every night if our schedules allow it.

Study, Study , Study

The GOVA bus system transit is something to get used to. I have the worst sense of orientation so it was a bit challenging. My sister helped me figure out that I can actually just take the bus right close to my home to get to college. I was walking all the way to the transit when I didn’t have too. I know google and GOVA try their best to be user friendly but it’s not so much that way all the time. I am slowly learning how to navigate everything though.

A little face time fun

The gym at the college has machinery that is completely different looking then the gym that I used in my home town. It’s also a little intimidating to workout around that many people. I generally go to the multi-purpose room where the dumbbells, squat racks and a cable machine are. It’s a bit smaller and quieter. I have been continuing to workout lifting weights about 4 times a week. I cannot go as hard as I used to because I will exhaust myself even more and I am having a hard time staying up past 8 lately. I am just glad that I am still making it a priority , I still try to keep my workouts to at least an hour. I tried the stair climber the other for the first time. Holy, hell 5 minutes on that thing and I was dead. I am for sure going to be trying to conquer that thing by the end of college.

Eating hasn’t been as much of a challenge. I have either a smoothie or left overs in the mornings. My lunches always consist of plenty of fruits and veggies with hummus and of course left overs. I also have a small container of protein powder in my locker in case I need it. My MIL and I always have soup in the fridge, that way if we are too tired to cook, there’s always something in the fridge, it has saved my bacon on numerous accounts so far. Having that little bit of soup to be able to eat when I get home saves my money and my health by not going out for junk food. I do have to learn how to cook smaller batches though. The first week we had well, a weeks worth of soup to eat. We ended up freezing some. I also made some apple sage beans, shrimp and chorizo bake with rice. My MIL made me a delicious poutine the other day when I got back from school it was delicious. She also made a red lentil soup which is to die for. I will be taking the recipe from her for that one for sure.

The youngest of the boys had unfortunately contracted strep-throat which seems that it might be the illness he is susceptible too. A good round of anti-biotics cleared that up no problem. Of course this happens the first week I am gone. I have a great support team though and I know the boys will do great. I’ve had to learn to cope with some lack of communication but really that can happen. I just had to play a bit of the go between but everything was resolved and ship is in tip top shape again.

Drawing and schematics work. Yeah Blueprints

The hubby , like me, is getting used to the routine of being a single dad but he is doing great. I am glad he has the support of my family to help him with the boys. He has been cooking what looks like delicious meals. I am sort of jealous to be honest. Hopefully he’ll cook for me like that when I get home after the year and half. Who am I kidding he hates cooking and is only doing it because he has too haha.

I am hoping to find the balance to start posting more blogs about Fibromyalgia itself as the next few months roll. I promise I will be working on it.

Until next time,

Go find yourself some spoons.

Just because I felt cute. Really need to clean that mirror.

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