Yogi with Fibro- 40 Days to reconnect

Hello spoonies,

Today I want to talk about a new favorite yoga instructor. She is a fellow spoonie and has so many great videos. Before I get to far ahead of myself though I want to review a series she has done at the beginning of January 2020 and that I was lucky enough to get to do.

40 Days to reconnect

This 40 day yoga journey is lovely. Yes, it took me a bit longer to complete it but I absolutely enjoyed it. So what is 40 days to reconnect? It is a lovely, caring and gentle approach to yoga. It not only builds slowly on the foundations of yoga but it connects mind, body and soul in a spoonie friendly way. You can do them consecutively or take your time and do them at your own pace. Throughout this blog you will see some of my favorite mantras from the series.

I bend and move forward without hesitation…

yogi with fibro

I stand in my truth and I move forward with joy

yogi with fibro

I am always growing, I am never stuck or the same

yogi with fibro

Equipement ( 1/1)

The equipment needed for this practice is very minimal or can be substituted by regular household items.

A yoga mat. Now yes, mats are generally preferred as not only will they provide you with some ‘grip’ and some padding but a towel or blanket can do. It might not provide you with grip but it will give you some cushioning and a clean place to do your practice.

A strap. They do have straps made to help ease in to yoga positions with different loops you can use but again a towel or even a belt can help you do this. I actually find a belt better then a strap most of the time.

Blocks are usually used to help bring the floor up to you, lay your head on or bring your hips in a more comfortable position. Pillows offer all of these things plus they are softer. You can also use books, or any other surface that will help bring you up a bit when needed.

A chair-Yes, you need a chair for a few of the videos for support. Please make sure it’s not a folding chair.

Length (1/1)

The length of the practices I found were awesome. The were anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes at most. It made it perfect for days were I felt I couldn’t get any exercise in whether it be due to time or pain. The sessions are short but they allow plenty of work and relaxation to be done.

I am enough, enough I am.

Yogi with fibro

I deserve to feel calm and live a calm, peaceful life.

Yogi with fibro

Inner silence, inner stillness, inner peace.

Yogi with fibro

Progression (1/1)

One of the things I love about this practice is that you start right from the beginning by connecting to the practice. She then builds a connection to yourself by moving through practices that are concentrated on one body part at a time. Parts of our physical selves that we often forget to tend to or that we don’t think we need to spend time loving.

The practices flow from one video to another building on what you did the day before. It’s a beginner’s practice at a core level yet it can offer so much to people who aren’t new to the practice as well.

Substance (1.5/2)

This yoga practice has so many great things to it. There’s mantras, self-exploration and growth. The yoga practice is great for everyone.

It has a lot of time for meditation in it which I truly enjoy. As much as I like yoga sessions where there is continuance talking, I love this practice because there isn’t that much. Being a spoonie often means we can be overwhelmed by everyday life and this practice really allowed me to just concentrate on my thoughts, my feelings and my own well-being without being spoken too the whole time.

I do wish she had more angles in her videos. I do understand however, that it can be hard if you don’t have your own videographer to take better angles and move along with you.

I am aware of the perfect timing in my life.

yogi with fibro

There’s nothing in the way to stop me but me, and that in every moment I can begin again and change me.

yogi with fibro

I easily flow with new experiences, new directions and new changes.

yogi with fibro

Extra stuff

Sarah has a lovely site where you can get this reconnect series and multiple others. She has just launched the 10-weeks Joint Health Course and releases regular videos during the month. She is a caring teacher and I believe a lot of it comes from being a spoonie herself and her understanding of our needs. I encourage you to go visit her website and enjoy the multitude of videos she has.

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