Self-Isolation, social distancing and how I am making it through.

Hello spoonies,

I wanted to write a little bit about everything going on around us. I’m not going to write about the death tolls and how quick this is going, whether I think this is a hoax or not. I want to write about the difference between self-isolation social distancing and what has changed for me.

So what’s the difference between self-isolation and self-distancing and who should be doing what?

Self-Isolation: This is the act of staying at home away from everyone except with those in your household. Self-Isolation means no outside contact with anyone or to the very minimum only when needed ( I am talking people who need help at home). People who should be doing this: Anyone returning from a trip outside the country, anyone with underlying conditions ( especially those with immunity issues), the elderly, any one that has contracted Covid-19. You should self-isolate for at least 2 weeks

Social-Distancing: This is when you have to go out. You keep at least a 3 metre (6foot) gap between you and another person. Everyone who”s going out should be doing this.

You should not be spending time with anyone outside your household in close proximity.

How Am I holding up?

I am writing this portion sort of as a tip section and what I am doing?

I will let you know what I’ve been doing during this outbreak and what I have done to try and keep sane. I have had to come back home to my little hometown to finish my college courses online. I also in the mean time get to spend a lot of time with my children and needing to figure out how to keep them learning.

The first thing I noticed when I got back home and during this quarantine is the lack of routine. The first few weeks I slept in, did my work at all sorts of times, the small self-care routine I built in Sudbury was gone, as well as exercising and meal planning. What happens when there’s no routine? Chaos ensues.

My first tip rebuild your routine or start a new one. When I say build your routine that’s just what I mean. If you can wake up and do a whole new routine everyday great. I myself prefer to start small until one habit becomes routine. My self-care routine isn’t a big one, I used to only wash my face when I showered ( every 1-2 days) and usually at night. Now, first thing when I wake up I use some micellar water to cleanse my face and add face lotion and at night I use a face wash and a lotion. I use a facial scrub every two days. I’m not one who truly believes in face creams but I just found that doing these little steps just helped put me in a better mood. It is the time of day I set my intentions.

Another step in building your routine is setting a time to wake up at. I would get up anywhere between 8am – 10am. I now get up at 7 am, wash my face, grab some water and start looking through all the e-mails. Yes, I check my e-mails first now, I only do that because well between my teachers, the college e-mails, the kids teachers and the district school boards e-mails, let’s just say they can get overwhelming.

I am by far not perfect and building my routine has helped but I won’ t lie I have had my share of stress meltdowns. Trying to resettle into a routine at home has been hard. My next two steps to add back into my routine is healthier eating ( I miss my smoothies and healthier eating) and exercise ( flare-ups and a bit of laziness has one over the last week).

The routine with the kids. Sure, I should probably wake them up at a certain but who are we kidding, I like my quiet time. Also, I found that my kids have an astounding ability to wake up around the same time every day. They wake up around 8am. Their routine is to have breakfast then one of two chores: feed the fish or put away the dried dishes, they alternate weeks on these chores. After that we do some homework. I used to do their homework at the same time but I found it challenging to do. I couldn’t help them one on one and I would get over whelmed with anxiety ( this is why I am not a teacher, and greatly appreciate what they do). So, I work with them one at time. 30 minutes each alternating. I find this gives them a break to relax and they come back fresher. I allow them to have plenty of downtime during the day. I no longer monitor screen time, but I do force them outside. They had fun passing the shop-vac in our drive-way the other day. Yes, it sounds weird but the boys had fun doing it and it kept them out getting some fresh air. We’ve also started walking the dogs again as a family during nice sunny days.

Homework with the kids has become a little less stressful now that the children are doing some e-learning . Even if they miss the video conference calls the fact that work is assigned for them has taken some stress off my shoulders.

Have fun and do activities. Yes, I haven’t written a ton on the blog. I started ideals and scrapped them because well I just didn’t think they were good. I did however work a bit on my knitting ( so slow at it), I’ve also played board games with the kids, and spend time sewing with my oldest son ( he got a bunch of sewing stuff for Christmas). Also, remember to take a pause, this is the one thing I am realizing is the most important but the hardest one for me to master. When you start getting stressed out and want to yell, cry or breakdown just take a pause. I let my anxiety get the best of me at times but I find that if I just take a step, take a big breath and look at how things are I can start thinking clearer and then everyone is happier.

So what have I’ve been doing so far to keep me sane?

  • Building a morning and bed time routine.
  • Staying hydrated and eating healthy.
  • Building a homework routine with the kids.
  • Exercising or moving daily.
  • Having fun.
  • Breathing and taking a pause.

Until next time go find yourself some spoons.

PS. This was written beginning of April posting another one soon.


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