Chronic Fatigue

Hello Spoonies,

Today, I wanted to talk about chronic fatigue. What is chronic fatigue? Ever had what you thought was a great night sleep but have woken up still feeling exhausted or worse? Yes. Now, imagine feeling like that day after. Imagine having to decided if you should shower standing up, sitting down or at all. That the thought of just taking that shower exhaust you. These are just examples of what it is. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or mayalgic encephalomyelitis ( ME) is a condition that causes a person to feel persistently fatigue and affects multiple facets or daily living . IT can get worse with any activity and there’s no known cause at the moment.

But you don’t look sick. I am extremely fatigue in this picture. I often feel like this. Since I wear a smile on my face and act like I’m ok a lot of people don’t realize it.

Risk Factors

Viruses and diseases : It seems that viruses and diseases that cause inflammation in the body may be a cause or related to CFS.

Age: Although people in their 40-50’s seem to be at higher risks, anyone can develop CFS.

Sex: Woman tend suffer from CFS more often ( I think this makes sense since woman tend to be diagnosed more often with inflammatory diseases). It may be because they tend to talk to a doctor about their symptoms more often.


A lot of the tricks on how to cope with Fibro and multiple other disease relate to this one as well.

Exercising and nutrition play a vital role in keeping your system healthy. Exercising doesn’t mean running 5k every day. It just means to keep active. Do light stretches or a few exercises or activities you enjoy. Staying away from sugar, caffeine, alcohol and just general junk food will also help. Exercise and nutrition have also proven to be beneficial for memory which can be affected with CFS. It also helps keep inflammation in the body down.

Employment: Some companies have programs to help employees with illness to help them at work and being productive by allowing some accommodations. You can also keep a note book with you to help remember the things you have to do ( good for everyday life really). If you cannot work here in Canada you may be eligible for assistance. In Ontario we have the Ontario Disability Support Program. Even on ODSP you can are allowed to work so many hours a week.

Schooling: If you have CFS and are in school see if they can accommodate you with anything. Cambrian College ( where I am for the trades) has a great program to allow accommodations such as: Extra time for test, people to take your notes, having a recorder etc… I have applied because I get exhausted in certain class room and have a hard time staying awake. I am allowed noise cancelling head phones and a recorder to assist me.

Relationship can also be affected. People around you may not understand, believe or think that your condition is as bad as you’d think. It can take a toll on your relationship your kids and also on your sexual life. Finding and surrounding yourself with people who understand and support you is the biggest thing you can do.

I always try to smile no matter how tired or how bad a flare-up is. It’s what helps me keep moving. I don’t want to think I never cry or get angry because I do.

Until next time,

go find yourself some spoons


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My own brain 😛 ( I’ve done a lot of research through out the almost 10 years of my diagnosis so some information might not be shown on these sites, there’s books and resources out there to find great information)

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