Semester 2

Hello spoonies,

I hope you have all been coping as well as you can during these crazy times. My second semester started on May 25th and it has been quiet the busy time , juggling a household and as well as my kids school work. It’s been really busy.

I am very proud of what I accomplished in my 1rst semester. I finished with a 4.0GPA which is awesome ( yes , I am tooting my own horn because I can toot-toot). Second semester I was told was the hardest semester of the program. I am looking forward to it but I am not expecting to finish with a 4.0 this semester.

I will be aiming for all my grade to be over 80% but my goal is to not have anything below 75%. My pile of books this semester is about 2x bigger then last semester so this should be interesting.

Me. 20 minutes before a test but so exhausted I could barely get out of bed. I amazingly managed a 95% grade on that test.

I am slowly trying to get back into a routine but my life keeps changing. I was in a great routine when the kids had home schooling to do and now they are done school. I won’t lie during the week they definitely have more electronic babysitters then they normally do because I am in class. I am still making sure they are eating healthy and being active ( which happens more during the weekend because of my home work load).

I think the hardest thing that will be is that I am stuck inside doing classes all summer. As of yet all theory is done in distance education and I think it will remain like that for a while. However, they are looking at re-opening the college for classes that need a hands on portion ( Hello, trades). This is also throwing a wrench in my routine because now I have slowly repacked all the things I brought down because I was supposed to be moving back to my home away from home a second time ( I do miss my do bed that I left behind sooooo comfy).The date got pushed back so I had to unpack my things again. I also decided to start doing my make-up which I haven’t done in a while other then maybe mascara and eyeliner.

Playing with greens for a wood elven cosplay costume. I think it was pretty good for my try.

I am trying to get back to a good routine so when I do go back to college I will be ready and avoid some traps I’ve been falling into. I took melatonin to get back to sleep at an earlier time and my alarm is set for early morning. I will be continuing this routine until it becomes second nature. The change in my sleep patterns have definitely caused my fatigue to act out.

I haven’t been exercising because my energy levels are just too low. Add four kids to take care of on top of that, loads of homework and heat my fatigue is at an all time high. I am also starting to rehydrate again because I’ve been dropping the ball on that too. I need to rebuild my routine slowly if I want to make it through. I have been enjoying the extra time I get with my kiddos despite all this.

Boys all set and ready for our traditional family movie night.

It will be stressful, but with hopefully good time management and organization I should be able to make through.

Until next time,

Rest up, find your spoons and go explore.

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