Back to Class

Hello Spoonies,

As many of you know Covid-19 had stopped the world in it’s in track. We have slowly and cautiously moved into phase three which is the reopening of businesses.

I have now started back to school for my shop classes. That means I am no longer at home with the kiddos and the hubby and I miss them dearly. I am hoping that this will allow to work on the blog a bit more despite still being very busy with class.

My schooling mess everywhere as I was most comfortable on the living floor. The 4 boys spending time together.

The return to shop classes has been stressful. Going into the unknown but all in all it hasn’t been too bad.

There’s policies put into place now. We all have to enter through one door. We have to scan our I.D. and show proof that we did a Covid-19 training program through the college. There is a no tool sharing policy. Despite this there is many tools we cannot afford to buy so the college provides this. After each use the tools must be sanitized and placed back. I have been using hand sanitizer like it’s going out of style because many still don’t follow the sanitize after use rule. I think it is more because it’s a habit then them being lazy. They are trying to keep us as separated as they can but that’s not always easy either. Any work stations used by students also need to be sanitized. Security also does walk arounds to make sure people are wearing their masks appropriately and are keeping a 6 foot distance.

Welding day. One of my favorite days. Right now I am wearing just a cloth mask. My filters should be coming in soon to be able to insert

I myself have been carpooling with a friend as I don’t want to have to take the public transit. He is also the person that I sit beside in class or work at the same table with.

I have also started going to the gym again. I don’t take pictures at the gym though because I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I miss my small town gym taking pictures was a fun way to show that you can have an illness and still do things.

Leg day. The new gym has quiet a few people around so mirror in the gym selfies or locker selfies are out of the question right now . This was on my leg day.

I have had a few anxiety attacks in my classes due to “not knowing” what I was doing. Reading theory is great but I am a hands on learner. I need to visually and physically do and see things to be able to feel comfortable in what I am doing. It’s unfortunately not possible at the moment to be properly shown as we are getting 11-15 weeks of labs squished in 5 weeks of labs and expected to still perform. It is the hardest part of going back to school. I don’t enjoy it but I am hoping to work through it and still hopefully graduate with good grades by the end of August. Covid-19 really sucks.

My hometown has been lucky as we haven’t had any confirmed cases other than two that weren’t sent to out hospital for care but weren’t from the town. Where I am now isn’t doing too bad considering the population. The count is 83 I think now.

The hubby has been doing an amazing job taking care of the kids. I miss him and them very much.

My life lately has been a lot of studying, gym time and I won’t lie Netflixing ( That should be an actual verb). I am hoping to get back to blogging. I am hoping to get back to blogs educating about symptoms and not just my personal life updates.

Go find some spoons loves.

Boys built a little fort on the couch. Miss these cuties

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