Sorry for being M.I.A

Hello Spoonies,

I’m so sorry for being MIA the last few months. I have been struggling to keep everything a float and a lot of my goals have been dropped due to the craziness of today’s lifestyle with Covid-19 it really has taken a toll on my physically and emotionally.

So here is to catching up. I am now in my third semester of class passed my second semester with a 4.0 GPA. Third semester has been a bit hard. I am back living away from home and the class schedules have been a little all over the place while the college figured out how to make our lab classes smaller. I have been having a hard time studying, my memory has been foggy in two of my classes but I think it’s more due to the material and how it is presented then brain fog.

just a selfie cause I can:)

I have been more sore due to lack of movement. I just started working out a regular 3x a week. I tried a few beach body programs and although they can be great for some people I find myself bored very fast. I am currently trying an exercise plan from fitplan. It’s three times a week and I can do them at home or at the gym with very minimal equipment and it doesn’t leave me completely out of breath and I can actually keep up with it.

The last two weeks I’ve have been able to get back into a reasonable sleeping schedule. I have also found a way to increase my fluid intake. I drink a glass of water, chicken broth and then my smoothie and have now added green tea in the morning as well.

My morning drinks. Water, organic chicken broth with added garlic and green tea nothing added.

I will be going under a lot of different changes in the next few months as well. I have decided to start seeing a naturopath/hollistic Dr. When I went to see her I had a few suspicions as to what might be going on within my body. I am not a doctor but I’ve been learning a lot in the last few years and have been seeing a lot of signs of problems in my body but I wasn’t sure.

I will be going through an extensive blood test, possibly a hormonal urine test and going on the AIP ( auto-immune paleo) diet for the next 3 months before starting to reintroduce food into my diet to see if I will get any reactions to it. She suspects I may have hormonal issues due to being moody, irregular periods and sugar cravings to name a few. I am also starting to take probiotics because based on my BM’s I may be having issues in my bowels. I am also taking magnesium. Fun fact: there are a few types ( I think 2) magnesium and each one affects your body in a different way.

A little workout selfie. This particular day was one of the few days I needed a weight I did not have at home and needed to use the gym.

I will try to blog about the AIP diet in my next post which will hopefully be at some point in the next month if I can find the time and energy.

Now go forth and find yourselves some spoons.

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