Getting ready to amp up the healing game

Hey Spoonies,

If you’ve read my last post you know that I have been pretty busy. As a spoonie I try to keep the stress down and this year has been full of ups and down. I’ve dealt with multiple mental illness in my family, a death ( although I wasn’t really close to her she was a ray of sunshine and it still affected me), finding out my BFF is pregnant with twins after trying for a while and so much more while trying to be in school.

I also went to see a naturopath which I’ve talked about in my last post. This post will be about the next step I need to take which is the AIP diet. I am still looking into it and learning more and more what I can’t eat but I thought I would give a quick over view of what it is.

AIP stands for auto-immune protocol. It is a strict elimination diet that is based off the Paleo approach. Now with that said I am not a diet person I think that everything in moderation is fine. If you follow any type of diet and it works for you HOORRAY. I choose to do this one under the supervision of my naturopath for the following reasons.

  • It is a temporary diet. Meaning it is a diet with stages which helps find what inflammatory foods you react too. You eliminate all foods that are considered trigger foods for 1-3 months and then slowly reintroduce them to see what affects you or not.
  • It may help my body to heal over-all. Their is many diets out there to follow for auto-immune I’ve read and tried a few with success but none that were this strict. Eliminating all potential inflammatory foods might help me see which foods I react too and didn’t realize.
  • I have talked to my doctor and this diet is also not being done alone. Meaning I am also going through multiple other screening tools to see what else might be going on in my body ( blood work, taking certain supplements, getting hormones check)
  • I have pretty good pain control but I am trying to be even more pain free so why not just try it. There hasn’t been really any scientific research done on this diet but many people who have tried it are saying great things.

Being on the AIP diet isn’t the only thing that I am doing. That is something to remember. Diet alone won’t completely change my life. I have finally been able to get into a better routing the last two weeks. In order to keep it I’ve been keeping my sleep schedule even through the weekend ( no sleeping in). I’ve up my hydration and workout 3x a week for starters.

Now to go back to the diet. When I first looked into the diet to be honest it was scary the list of cannot eat seemed really daunting and still does but there is still so much I can still eat and that is what I am going to concentrate on. Once I have gone more through the diet I will talk about it more since I will understand it better.,and%20why%20it%E2%80%99s%20important%20to%20eat%20more%20of

The AIP has a few phase. Step 1 the elimination phase, this is the phase that I am about to start. I have chosen to do it for 3 months that way the first month if there’s any accidental slip ups ( eating foods that I did not realize aren’t AIP friendly) I can promptly remove and then spend the last 2 months knowing that I will be eating foods that are compliant. The other phases are the reintroduction phase. This is when you slowly introduce food ack into your diet, this is also done in different phases, meaning each phase has recommended foods to reintroduce into your diet.

The thing that I am struggling with the most at the moment is recipes. Yes, there is a ton out there I agree. The difficult part is that this is a new diet for me and because there is so many stages in this diet protocol I have to weed out what stage the recipe is in. I am currently looking into taking a few old recipes and just converting them into AIP friendly recipes ( think shepherds pie, apple pork tenderloin etc..). I am hoping to keep you guys updated on meals and how I am doing on AIP.

If you are considering this please do your research. The protocol isn’t for everyone and should be discussed with you doctor.

Hope you find some spoons today


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