Getting ready to amp up the healing game

Hey Spoonies, If you’ve read my last post you know that I have been pretty busy. As a spoonie I try to keep the stress down and this year has been full of ups and down. I’ve dealt with multiple mental illness in my family, a death ( although I wasn’t really close to herContinue reading “Getting ready to amp up the healing game”

Chronic Fatigue

Hello Spoonies, Today, I wanted to talk about chronic fatigue. What is chronic fatigue? Ever had what you thought was a great night sleep but have woken up still feeling exhausted or worse? Yes. Now, imagine feeling like that day after. Imagine having to decided if you should shower standing up, sitting down or atContinue reading “Chronic Fatigue”

Self-Isolation, social distancing and how I am making it through.

Hello spoonies, I wanted to write a little bit about everything going on around us. I’m not going to write about the death tolls and how quick this is going, whether I think this is a hoax or not. I want to write about the difference between self-isolation social distancing and what has changed forContinue reading “Self-Isolation, social distancing and how I am making it through.”

Yogi with Fibro- 40 Days to reconnect

Hello spoonies, Today I want to talk about a new favorite yoga instructor. She is a fellow spoonie and has so many great videos. Before I get to far ahead of myself though I want to review a series she has done at the beginning of January 2020 and that I was lucky enough toContinue reading “Yogi with Fibro- 40 Days to reconnect”

Meal planning and Preparation

Hello spoonies, This year one of my biggest goals is how to effectively do meal planning and prepping. I have decided to do some research in order to help me become better with this. I figured that starting this would be easier on me in the coming year as I will be by myself. IContinue reading “Meal planning and Preparation”

Luna Pads, Diva Cup and Period underwear Review

Hello spoonies, On my journey to a healthier life style I have adopted a less waste life style. I am saying less waste because the zero waste movement is too stressful for me. In doing this I decided that I would try to use reusable products where I could. I had tried a cheap versionContinue reading “Luna Pads, Diva Cup and Period underwear Review”

Goodbye 2019

Hello Spoonies, As another year comes to end we start taking a look back at it. We reminisce about the good and the bad. We think about what we could’ve, should’ve done. Some of us think it was the best year yet and some of us think it’s the worst. I personally try to lookContinue reading “Goodbye 2019”